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Welcome to Buck Teeth Sports, Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) European Designed, Chinese manufactured inflatable Stand up paddle boards designed for all around the world.

Using the latest in Cad Cam automated cutting machines and durable printing techniques we can manufacture various designs of paddleboards for varying water types and experience level

Were a little different to most other Inflatable Stand Up paddleboard manufactures as were part-owned by the manufacturers so we can custom manufacture any size board you need, even weird shapes if you require?

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boards have been around since early 1930 first invented by Thomas Edward Blake who while restoring an old wooden Surf board drilled multiple holes then he covered them up creating hollow sealed chambers making the boards lighter and more buoyant.

The majority of paddleboards were manufactured from an expanded foam covered by a thin layer of Glass fibre this makes them light and relatively strong albeit a bit brittle and not able to withstand knocks and dings.

Since the discovery of Drop Weave fabric which is a multi-layer PVC top and bottom suspended by thousands of pieces of Polyester which when edge sealed and inflated creates a super strong and rigid board that is much stronger than foam boards and can handle the odd knock, making them ideal for the mass market of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Its Called Stand Up Paddleboarding but you do not just have to stand up on the boards, you can many things on the boards like kneel or even Yoga.

Yoga is a great exercise for the body and mind and combining it with a Stand Up Paddleboard gives it an extra edge as more balance is needed and this, in turn, uses more core muscles meaning you get a better workout.

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