How long does it take to deflate a Stand Up Paddleboard?2019-12-22T15:48:04+00:00

In practice, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to deflate wipe down and roll up a Buck Teeth Sports Stand up Paddleboard. Using the pump on suck will make it nice and flat and easier to roll.

How long does it take to inflate a Stand Up Paddleboard?2019-12-22T15:45:57+00:00

We say 3 to 7 Minutes depending on how fast you pump with the hand pump if you have an electronic pump then its much faster

How Long do Stand Up Paddleboards last?2019-12-22T15:44:12+00:00

You should get many years good service from Buck Teeth Sports Inflatable Stand up paddleboards if you look after it and clean and dry it after every use and store it in its protective bag.

What Pressure should I Inflate my Stand Up Paddleboard to?2019-12-22T15:41:51+00:00

All of our stand up paddleboards are designed to work at 17-19 PSI for all user weights, this gives a good firm board. When not using the board and when it’s in direct sunlight we recommend lowering the pressure to 10 psi this stops the sun from heating the board and the pressure rising above 25psi which may cause it to rupture when you want to go back in the water just give it a few more pumps and all is good to go again. This is for all Standup paddleboards no matter who you purchase from.

What is the difference between Sport SUP’s and Classic SUP’s?2019-12-22T15:32:30+00:00

Thre are a few differences between the boards they are mainly the width and length of the standup paddleboards, Sport Stand Up Paddleboards are longer and narrower requiring more skill to use but you are rewarded by going faster for longer. The Classic Stand Up Paddleboards are wider and shorter than the Sports boards, this makes them more stable and easier to use for smaller users and the less experienced.

What is the Warranty period on Buck Teeth Sports Stand UP Paddleboards2019-12-22T15:28:38+00:00

Out Stand up paddleboards are made from Grade A Material and are manufactured by skilled workmen and women, as suck we offer a 1-year return to base on all paddleboards used in the correct way as detailed in the user manual. Misuse and abuse will not be covered by our warranty, if you have a problem please contact us and we can discuss the best way to proceed with returning your board for inspection and repair.

How do i purchase a Buck Teeth Stand Up Paddelboard?2019-12-22T15:08:26+00:00

Were currently manufacture to order and it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to have your new board made and delivered to you, please contact us for all information required to have your own Buck Teeth Sports stand up paddleboard.


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